Japanese American Business Association
JABA is not affiliated with any other Organization.
Allow us to meet with you and explain what our Understanding of the Japanese doing business in America. And the Japanese Americans born in America. Has resulted in a better Standard of Quality in America. In Business and in Life. And a way of Balance that will benefit us all in America.
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As we are preparing the launch of JABA.
News that KIA MOTORS is now #1 in America has caught our attention. 
How about you?

First we must bind together as Japanese in America. Then
reinforce TRUST  in Japanese Co.s in America. And lead to blend Asians together.
7 Deadly Sins
of Japanese in America
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This is mot a political statement. And this is not to say Japanese in America are any better than anyone else. It is a way to point out the Advantage. of Japanese and Japanese America's in America. If we pull together. Set an example for all in USA.
Japanese in Japan a different story. 

IMPORTANT: All that is expressed in this website are the views of Koichi Mark Hayashi. And he is a proud American with Japanese heritage. But he is not saying he or being Japanese is better than any other race or culture. Only In America, the Melting Pot of the World. He feels if we don't start to be United. As each race & culture is trying to be #1. But that never will be any #1 in America. The United States of America. I hope if the Japanese and Japanese-Americans can blend together in America. Maybe we can all blend together as Americans.